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Learn about our rescue kittens!

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Ace: available for adoption

Ace is about 5 months old. He loves to play! He gets along well with other cats, & sometimes he just likes to chill. He loves wrestling with his rescue kitten sibling, Dobby! 

Dobby: available for adoption

Dobby is about 5 months old. He loves hanging out with Ace! He also gets along well with other cats. Wrestling, playing with fun cat toys, & burning off that kitten energy are some of his favorite hobbies. 

Mags:Adopted! Her forever home spoils her daily.

Mags is about 2 years old, & she loves to climb cat trees & watch the outdoors. She likes watching other cats, & she gets along with them - usually observing from a distance. She's loving her forever home!

Buck:Adopted! He's doing great with his big feline bro!

Buck is about 4 months old, & he loves to wrestle. He gets along well with other cats & is a resilient little dude. Cat toys are a must-have for little Buck! 

Maizey:Adopted! Her forever family adores her!

This little one is also about 4 months old, & she certainly knows how to be the cutest darned torti kitten. She's playful & doesn't mind any cat she's encountered so far. 

More Fluff Monsters Coming Soon!

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